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Choose Us for Proper Roof Replacement and Installation

Do you have a damaged roof? When you asked experts about it, you were suggested to get a roof replacement. But because you’re not sure whether you can install a new roof yourself, or not, perhaps you should look for a company such as CY's Wichita Falls Roofing who can install a new roof for you. We are trained to properly install new roofing for homes in the Wichita Falls, TX area.

Why Leave the Installation to Professionals?

The roof above your head needs to be installed properly so that it won’t get damaged. After all, you are getting a new one because you were suggested to get a roof replacement for your damaged roof. If you hire a roofing contractor, you won’t need to worry about looking for the tools that you need again because they will provide it for you. But aside from that, they are also trained in properly installing the roof. They are experts when it comes to installation, and you can expect excellent results from professionals like us.

We Can Install a New Roof for You!

With our roof installation service, we will focus on strictly following the right procedures so that mistakes will be avoided. If the existing roof has been replaced already, we’ll gather all of the equipment for the installation process. Once we have prepared all of the tools and materials needed, we’ll begin by first installing the starter strip to support the first few rows of shingles. Starting from the lower-left corner of the roof, we’ll individually install the roofing shingles and work our way up the slope. We will drive the nails using a nail gun and a hammer, making sure that everything is secured. We’ll then use a plastic-and-rubber flange to seal everything together. Let us install the roof for you so that it will be done properly.

If you were suggested to get a roof replacement, CY's Wichita Falls Roofing is your go-to roof company to install a new roof for you. Do you need help with installing a new roof for your house in Wichita Falls, TX? Give us a call at (940) 215-6019 right away!

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